Healthy Working Environment at NHCO


The NHCO was established in 1984 and it has now become one of the leading firm of charted accountants in Sri Lanka. The firm provides its professional services, with six partners bringing together a unique combination of multidisciplinary experience and knowledge gathered over the years in public practice in audit and assurance, advisory and tax services to national and global businesses. And also the firm is specialized for outsourcing and Human Resource Development as well.

It’s being over 3 decades and NHCO have provide job opportunities to nearly 120 employees and 80 students across the industry. It was Mr. Nihal Hettiarachchi’ dream to make sure the wellbeing of his staff and even when they retire, they have a house and a car. Dinuk was successfully able to full fill his father’s dream by diversifying the business in to several sectors by driving the organization towards success, maintaining healthy relationship with internal environment and providing job opportunities in the industry.
Every organization, whether business or non-business, has its own environment. Organizational environment is always dynamic. It is ever-changing. Changes today are so frequent and every change brings so many challenges that it is highly essential for managers and leaders of the organization to be vigilant about the environmental changes. The environment of an organization consists of its surroundings – anything that affects its operations, favorably or unfavorably.

According to Mr. Nihal Hettiarachchi the firm’s recruitment arm is capable of finding out the rightful candidates who are self-motivated to do their jobs under minimum supervision.
NHCO strongly believe on building a strong internal environment in order to face the external challengers in the Business