We are approved training organizations of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants of UK, Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka, Association of Accounting Technicians of Sri Lanka and many recognized universities in Sri Lanka.

We understand the need to provide our future accountants with every opportunity to be leaders in the business community. As we consider our personnel to be the biggest and most valuable asset possessed by the company, training courses for the staff are conducted on a continuous basis, depending on the various requirements by individual staff. These courses are provided either within the organization or by way of external training programs.


We offer you great opportunities to find challenging positions to meet your competencies, capabilities, skills, education and experience, to apply your knowledge and skills while developing your personal career by getting more experience and enhancing the skills acquired. Our culture also promotes efficiency, ethics and innovation which strengthen your career and personal development.

Currently, we have vacancies in our Audit and Assurance Division for partly and fully qualified professionals.


Trainee accountants are provided with personalized attention and opportunities for growth. The performance of Trainees is closely observed during the training period and regular feedback on strengths and areas for improvement is identified and discussed by the immediate supervisor.

All new Trainees are encouraged to join the Students Society to help them in developing their organizing skills, team work and interacting with each other well. The Society organizes events and opportunities for Trainees to become acquainted with other employees of the Group.

Apply for Trainees at NhCo or W&Co