NHCo kicks off the Year 2024 with festive atmosphere

On 1st January 2024 the staff of NHCo gathered at NHCo head office for a sensational New Year’s celebration. Indulged in a delightful manner with music entertainment and live dancing performances from our staff members set the perfect mood for the day revealing a festive atmosphere and be a part of a memorable start to a promising new year 2024. It was indeed a special day for all our staff members who had the opportunity to join this special occasion leaving aside their busy schedules for a while. This occasion was graced by our Senior Partner Mr. Nihal Hettiarachchi and Managing Partner Mr. Dinuk Hettiarachchi. Another key announcement made at the event was the formal recognition of the employee of the year. As such Mrs. Kalhari Perera who is working as the Secretary to the CEO of RNH Holdings was named as the employee of the year by the Senior Partner Mr. Nihal Hettiarachchi in appreciation of her outstanding commitment towards work.  Thereafter the party began with DJ music at the dancing floor with some best beats which kept the dance floor packed with a joyful mood.  

Following were some highlights of the day: